In this episode of the Find Your SPARK Podcast, Nicole Wilson talks with one of our SPARKING Change Youth Interns, Brandon Evans. Brandon shares why he wanted to take part in this internship with The SPARK Initiative and what he has taken away from it so far. He explains how his passion and SPARK’s mission align and why it’s a perfect fit for the change he wants to create in our community. Brandon also states in this episode, “The mind is powerful, and when we can understand how it works, that’s when we can help others.” With that said, Brandon is the founder of a local nonprofit called Project 100, feeding the homeless and cleaning the streets in the Tampa Bay area. Since creating Project 100 in 2017, Brandon shares how his business has evolved into mentoring and reaching the youth in the community. We are excited to have Brandon on our team and can’t wait to see what else we can create together for our community!

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