In this episode we have yet another insightful conversation about the power of the mind and built in resilience within all of us. This time we are co-hosting the podcast with Mara and Eirik, founders of One Solution, an awesome organization we are partnering with that work with youth in the inner city of Chicago. This episode is a 4 way discussion about what it takes to empower youth from the INSIDE. 

Here are some of the themes we touch upon in this Podcast. 
– Nobody is broken
– The power of actually caring
– Realizing our own inner resources to create change
– How to stay solid in the face of adversity
– Staying hopeful when working in difficult circumstances
– Cultivating the spark within the coming generations
– How we already KNOW how to live (hear a bunch of examples from kids)
– How some things that looks wrong is actually wise. 

About One Solution:
One Solution is a non-profit organization whose vision and mission is simple: They believe that there is a simple solution to many of the world’s most challenging and persistent problems. That solution is an understanding of how all global challenges originate in the human mind and can be directly addressed in the human mind. Change the thinking that drives global issues, and we can actually begin to solve our challenges, rather than dealing with the symptoms. You can find out more about One Solution by visiting their website:


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