IOS Florida Conference 2021


Dates: July 16th
Location: Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key
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To end our weeklong event, we are hosting an IOS Collective Community Change Event. This day will be the perfect ending to the week, and will highlight how we can now take this out into organizations, and communities.

This day-long event will explore an inspiring approach to community change from a holistic perspective. Three different non profits that work in the areas of rehabilitation for incarcerated men, women and juveniles, youth education, foster care, and teens and parents in communities with high rates of gun violence have all found that education about the mind and innate resilience has led to profound, sustainable and far-reaching change.

They will share how empowering healthy minds is what can create healthy communities and bring positive change to our systems, like criminal justice, foster care and schools.

We will explore an effective model for empowering communities, by focusing on increasing resilience and mental well-being in youth, parents, schools, the foster care system and the criminal justice system. Join us to learn about this innovative, holistic approach to drawing out the resilience in communities by focusing on the interconnected ecosystem of well-being across all of these fields.

The day is designed to spotlight the newfound resilience and empowered action that has come from participants of school, prison and community-based programming and to spur ideas for how you can help incorporate this model into your community to affect deep, holistic, and scalable change.


The IOS Collective is a collaboration of non profits that work across these sectors, with the common goal of uncovering the internal capacity of the individuals to create individual, community, and systemic change.

The collective works with the people in our own communities of Chicago, Tampa and Portland in the areas of criminal justice, youth, education, foster care and anti sex trafficking. What we have seen through our own work, is that healthy, productive communities, regardless of location, all have a few things in common:

  1. A sense of well-being across all facets of a community.
  2. Individuals within the community who are able to look past their perceived limitations and see, within themselves, opportunities to create the changes needed in their own backyard.

Or joint focus is therefor to increasing resilience and mental well-being in youth, parents, schools, the foster care system and the criminal justice system. This in turn will foster solutions that come from the participants themselves, and create real sustainable change.