Preteen Resources

Lesson One:

Facilitator Video:
Importance of Connection

Activity One: Beach Ball Babble:

Prior to class, write the numbers 1 through 25 on the beach ball provided in your kit.

Tip: Blow up the beach ball, then use a Sharpie or permanent maker to place the numbers 1-25 around the beach ball. Though this activity is only in lesson one, you can use this as an icebreaker for additional lessons along with the SPARK Icebreaker cards.

    Lesson Two:

    Activity Two: You will need to make 1 copy of the Fun, Bored, Trouble, and Reward sign (found at the end of this lesson).
    Tip: We took the images from the lesson, then made copies, cut them out, and laminated them to use for multiple classes.

    To modify this activity for larger groups, or if you do not wish to have all students out of their seats to play this game, you can make many copies of each sign, laminate them, and then ask participants to remain in their seats while holding up the corresponding sign instead of going to that corner.

    Facilitator Video:
    Activity Two: Demo for Facilitator to watch to better understand activity:

    Student Facing Videos:

    Activity Two: Four Corners of Thought Modified Video for Virtual Students:

    Activity Three: Four Corners of SPARK  Modified Video for Virtual Students:

    Lesson Three:

    Facilitator Video:
    We created a video to showcase how you can use your Thought Chain Magnets that are now included in the curriculum kit:

    Student Facing Videos:
    Activity One: Student Facing Video- Modified for Virtual

    Lesson Four:

    Activity One: Student Facing Video Modified for Virtual Teaching:

    Lesson Five

    Activity One:

    Photo Ideas for Props:

    Student Facing Video:

    Activity Two: Your SPARK Inside Modified for Virtual Learning:

    Lesson Six:

    Resource Tip: If you would like for your whole group to plant a flower, you can find them to purchase on the shopping list here.


    Activity Two: Growing Your Creations Modified for Virtual Learning:

    Lesson Seven

    Activity Two: Prior to facilitation, you will need to put together both of the Confidence Cubes found in your kit. See the picture below on how to put this together:

    Lesson Eight

    Student Facing Video

    Activity Two: Put Down the Glass

    Lesson Nine

    Resource Tip:

    While the Communication Strategies PowerPoint is optional, our SPARK facilitators find it very useful to talk through all the different strategies!

    You can view the PowerPoint in your lesson, or click here to download.

    Lesson Ten

    Resource Tip:

    We LOVE bringing in different foods for participants to try for this activity! We highly suggest getting a MunchPak, this is a unique snack pack that includes items from all around the globe.

    You can find the link to purchase something similar on Amazon. We have linked this in your Shopping List, or you can click here.

    Below are some suggestions of easy-to-find foods that work very well in this activity:

    If you cannot bring in food for participants to try, you can modify this activity by clicking on the foods list above and showing the individual pictures of each item, then asking the participants to raise their hands if they like it. You also may use the following this PowerPoint to show the pictures.


    Lesson Eleven

    Resource Tip:

    Use the SPARK Jeopardy PowerPoint for an easy interactive game!

    Alternatively, make your own game pieces and hang them on the wall as we did below!


    Lesson Twelve

    Tip: If you are giving the post-program survey, bring in a treat for each student once they complete the survey!

    Optional: In addition to the certificate of completion, the facilitator can create specific awards, highlighting individual participants’ characteristics that stood out and demonstrated their SPARK.

    Because this is the completion of the program, it is suggested to make this a fun, party-like atmosphere. Have refreshments such as drinks, chips and cookies. Invite parents, friends or staff members that work closely with your students. We also suggest asking for students to share with the group what they got out of the program. Some students like to share spoken word, or read a letter they wrote explaining what this program meant to them. 


    Module: Leadership

    Lesson One: Understanding Your Community

    Tip: We suggest taking pictures and videos of your participant’s projects to collect and show as examples for future classes. We also have created a Past Community Projects Presentation with examples that our local students have done in the past for your use.

    Lesson Three: Bullying, Inside-Out

    Tip: We suggest creating your own anti-bullying poster as an example to show participants. We also encourage you to save participants’ posters or take pictures of them so you can show future classes more examples.


    Module: Relationships

    Lesson One: Navigating Relationships

    Tip: We suggest using different props you may have (hats, wigs, name tags) to enhance the skit activity. 



    Module: Life Skills

    Lesson One: Academic Stress to Academic Success

    Your kit includes two SPARK backpacks that you may fill with heavy items for this lesson. If your participants already have their own backpacks, you can allow them to use their own instead,