In this episode of the Find your SPARK Podcast, Ashley Hunt and Nicole Wilson talk about how their mentoring classes have been going post quarantine. As you may know, SPARK is normally in a handful of local schools at this time facilitating SPARK Mentoring Programs. Since quarantine has ended and schools are open in their community, they have found it challenging to get into schools because of the district’s new rules due to COVID. Ashley and Nicole share their excitement on facilitating SPARK in a local private school and explain the changes they see and how you can always adjust and make an impact on kids! They also share how adjusting to these times have created so many new and convenient ideas for their organization and the people they work with. Listen as they share, SPARK Community – Now vs. Then! As always, if you have any topics you would like to hear for the next SPARK Podcast or would like to be a guest star, please email us at

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