Youth mentoring programs helping children and adults with critical skills to uncover resilience and unleash potential

We Speak to the Potential, Ability, and Resilience inside every Kid (SPARK). Our evidence-based mentoring programs increase mental well-being, resilience, and impulse control while building critical life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

    Program Objectives

    Reduce Risk

    SPARK Mentoring programs use age-appropriate content and activities that have been proven to effectively reduce risk around high-school drop-out, drug use, bullying, suicide, depression, and anxiety.

    Uncover Resilience

    We believe everyone has innate resilience. When uncovered, this results in improved academic success, impulse control, stress resistance, social-emotional skills, and healthy relationships.

    Promote Self-Sufficiency

    SPARK Programs are aimed to empower all participants to become successful young adults as they become more self-sufficient once they discover and connect with their inner spark.


    91% of students exposed to SPARK experienced increased resilience (bounce back) from tough circumstances.

    91% of students exposed to SPARK experienced increased compassion for others in tough circumstances.

    89% of students exposed to SPARK experienced positive changes in relation to communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

    83% of students exposed to SPARK experienced less difficulty in regulating emotion.

    91% of students exposed to SPARK experienced positive changes in mental wellbeing and understanding of how their mind works.


    The end result of having the SPARK curriculum has been the ability to build a healthy foundation upon which our school culture and programs could grow. Our school culture has shift positively. We have been able to reduce the number of behavioral referrals by as much as 60 percent in one month. Our Out of School Suspensions have reduced from nearly 1500 to less than 900, over the course of the school year. We have met our goal of testing at least 90 of students, qualifying Horizons to receive a school rating of commendable. I am convinced that these positive outcomes would not be possible without the SPARK curriculum being implemented by The Spark Initiative on our campus for the last two years. I am grateful for the impact and give my highest recommendation.

    James Hird, Principal

    Horizons Academy

    Listen to our #FindYourSpark podcast!

    As working moms and entrepreneurs, your hosts share honest and funny stories of realizing the potential and impact of your SPARK. Tune in to listen to honest and helpful anecdotes about navigating the sticky realities of daily life, all while working to make this world a better place.

    Why Choose SPARK?

    Foundational knowledge 

    SPARK creates a space for people to discover the resilience, well-being and potential already available to them. Through this emotional development, people become better equipped to navigate their circumstances and less likely to fall victim to the inner working of their feelings and emotions.

    Lots of fun!

    Our activities are hands-on, interactive, and engaging for four different age groups! Our lessons include live demonstrations, role plays, games, creativity challenges, art, and relatable story sharing. Students will have plenty of opportunities to participate in whatever way is comfortable for them.

    Unlimited potential for impact

    Annual memberships are sold per educator implementing the program, meaning a teacher or a counselor could reach an entire school. There is no per student cost. We have found that when a class or school starts to understand and live from their Spark, it creates a ripple effect in homes and communities. Our program provides resources to support this!


    Our social and emotional learning programs have undergone rigorous research with proven results. Students show increased understanding of their mental health, emotional regulation (impulse control), and resilience. They also demonstrate increased social skills such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.


    Book a virtual 15-20 minute live demo to:

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