41: Calling All People Pleasers and Control Freaks

In this episode, you will get to hear from Ashley, who is a self-proclaimed “recovering” People Pleaser, and Brooke who is a self-proclaimed “recovering” Control Freak. We say the word “recovering” in quotes, because let’s face it, they are still doing it at times!

Ashley shares what she has seen recently about taking on other people’s feelings, trying to fix them in order to fix her own discomfort. Listen as they discuss how seeing just a little bit about this has opened up a whole experience for Ashley when she is met with people who are anything less than happy 😉

Brooke also shares her go-to when faced with discomfort, which is controlling in order to try and fix her discomfort. 

Ashley and Brooke share many stories of this, and why they see it slightly different now. So, if you are a People Pleaser, Control Freak, or know someone who is, then this episode is for you!

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