SPARK Mentoring Programs

The SPARK Mentoring Programs provide evidence-based K-12th grade programs and professional development opportunities that increase emotional well-being, resilience, and emotional regulation while developing executive functioning skills needed to navigate life with greater ease.


We Speak to the Potential, Ability, and Resilience inside every Kid (SPARK).
Young Child
Through a fun group of animated characters and highly interactive activities, children learn about their metaphorical ‘treasure inside,’ which represents their innate well-being and resilience (aka their SPARK).
(3rd to 5th)

This elementary school program lays the foundation for emotional well-being and resiliency. Through games, experiments, and discussion, students will connect with their innate wisdom, creativity, and confidence. They will also develop decision-making skills through understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings, behavior, and outcomes.

(Middle School)
In this middle school mentoring curriculum, students become acquainted with their SPARK and how the mind creates experience. With this understanding, students gain insights into key topics such as self-confidence, stress and anxiety, and decision-making.
(High School)
This high school mentoring program provides students with an understanding of their innate wisdom, well-being, and resilience. Through hands-on-activities, teens develop self awareness and critical life skills such as emotional regulation and impulse control.

How We’re Different…

For 10 years, we have developed, implemented, and researched K-12 mentoring and mental health education programs in our local community that are proven to help youth uncover their innate potential. Grounded in evidence and best practice, our programs Speak to the Potential, Ability, and Resilience inside every Kid (SPARK).

Our highly interactive, asset-based programs guide young people to discover their unbreakable SPARK inside through a better understanding of themselves and others. This knowledge has been proven to increase outcomes in the following competencies: mental well-being, resilience, emotional regulation, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. 

Program Packages

Each program package is customizable to your implementation needs and includes:

Program Curriculum and Site License
1 yr, Single Site License
Immediate access to the complete Digital Core Curriculum and Workbooks
Topic-Specific Modules
Digital Resources to Accompany Lessons
Student Facing Digital Activities to Accompany Lessons
Evaluation Tools
Fidelity Tools
Parent Resources & Videos
Training and Support
Two-day live, virtual implementation training
How-to Implementation videos
Pre-recorded webinars and Training
3 Implementation Coaching Calls
Quarterly check-ins with your SPARK guide
1 Curriculum Kit Includes:
Reusable Teaching Materials for 1 facilitator and up to 25 students.
1 Hard copy of the curriculum
25 Student Activity Books
Teaching Aids
Lesson Specific Materials
SPARK Prize Pack

Multi-year, multi-site, and multi-facilitator packages and discounts are available.



Schools / Organizations



Game Changing Insights…

Our programs are designed to tap into the SPARK that we know lies within everyone. Our most rewarding professional moments are seeing Spark-trained facilitators and the kids they serve have game-changing insights as we’ve had. 

Some of these insights include:

  • I am not my thinking
  • I don’t have to believe other people’s thinking
  • Beneath my thinking, lies my Spark – an infinite source of creativity, potential, health, and wisdom.

Our insight-based approach means that the impact lasts a lifetime. Once you see your SPARK, you can’t unsee it. Take a self guided tour of our platform…

If you’d like to explore using the SPARK Mentoring Programs in your school or community, one of our SPARK team members would love to connect with you. Click below to book a call with Stephanie.