Disclaimer: If you have not watched Soul, this podcast episode contains SPOILERS, you have been warned!

In this episode, Brooke and Ashley are joined by Brooke’s daughter Jayda. They all recently watched the Pixar movie Soul, and couldn’t wait to come together and talk about it!

On a recent Disney trip, Ashley first learned of this movie when she saw a shirt at Disney that read “Find Your SPARK”. Well, if you know us at SPARK, you know that’s our tag line for everything, it’s even the name of this podcast, so naturally it stopped Ashley in her tracks! Once she googled the movie, she immediately told everyone at SPARK that we all needed to watch this movie! 

In this episode, we dive into the meaning behind this powerful movie, and why it was so exciting for all of us at The Spark Initiative to watch. We share what we each took away from it, and Jayda, Brooke’s teenage daughter reveals the insights she had and why she sobbed for 5 minutes straight once the movie ended.

Also, if you worked on this film, we would LOVE to talk to you!!! We LOVE this movie so much and are so passionate about it’s meaning, it’s why we do what we do! So reach out, we would love to speak! info@thesparkinitiative.com

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