The SPARK online parenting course is for any and all parents who want to have a better understanding of their children and themselves. This course will not try to make you the ‘perfect parent’ or give you a long list of dos and don’ts. Instead, this course will simply show you how the mind works, which will allow you to navigate parenting with greater ease and less stress. This course will explore:

    • What’s really going on when we feel disconnected from and frustrated with our kids
    • Resilience and what this means for trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce, self-esteem, and destructive behavior
    • How state of mind affects our access to mental resources, clarity, confidence, and capacity as parents.

Check out a sneak peek of our parenting course, taught by our CEO Brooke Wheeldon-Reece

How does the course work?


  • Self-study, self-paced
  • Five modules covering the following topics:
    • Module 1: Navigating the System
    • Module 2: The State of your Listening
    • Module 3: Separate Realities in Action
    • Module 4: Resilience and Feeling all the Feels
    • Module 5: Bonus materials including navigation depression, anxiety, trauma, self-image, destructive behavior, and divorce.
  • Six pre-recorded webinars addressing questions and sharing reflections

“This is a total game-changer for my parenting. Thanks, guys.”

-Emma Jo

“ I have come away from this section feeling lighter and calmer, thank you.”


“This conversation is giving me a feeling of confidence and reassurance.”


“I  love the core message that our children (as well as us) are not broken and do not need fixing.”


“Thank you Brooke, Ashley, and Julie. I now feel like a better person and a better parent – or see that I always was! I am forever grateful.”

Emma Jo

“I found Brooke’s story very powerful! I had tears in my eyes at how much I loved and felt her story of ‘calm knowing’. The stories definitely do help solidify the concept of SPARK, thank you.”


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Did you know that if your child is participating in a SPARK program, you can join us for a free monthly parent webinar to ask questions and learn more? Ask your school if they are implementing SPARK!

Online Parenting Program

  • The cost of the course is $99.
  • Register before July 1 and you will receive the online Youth Program for free! Valued at $99, this is the perfect course to share with your child so you can learn together!