This week’s episode is extra special, as we have four amazing guest speakers from the Rebels for Peace. Rebels For Peace is a youth-led organization that wants to spread its message of bringing hope and faith back to the community of Chicago and the world. They believe understanding the mind as the source of everything we see in society is crucial to making any change. Instead of looking to outside forces to make a change, these Rebels feel that every human being has it within themselves to make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Joining us from the Rebels are Prince Jimmar, Dajohn White, Brandon Tillery, and Mark Sanders. They all have been collaborating with SPARK for a while now, and even go into schools in the inner city of Chicago and use the SPARK curriculum! Throughout this episode, they share what they feel is most important for youth to know and understand about their mind. This episode will give anyone listening hope for the future of our youth. You can find more about the Rebels for Peace here: #rebelsforpeace #youthled #hopeforyouth

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