In this episode, we invite Rebecca Perkins and Beatrice Arscott to join us in a conversation about their journey through anorexia.

Rebecca Perkins
Rebecca has worked as a professional wellbeing and resilience coach for 11 years with both individuals and in groups across all ages and sectors. More recently she has focused her work with young people who are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, addictions and eating disorders. She lives by the sea in South Wales.
Bea Arscott
Bea lives and works in London where she grew up. Just over ten years ago she was diagnosed with Anorexia which she battled with for a number of years. She has now fully recovered has since become a mentor for an eating disorders charity and blogs regularly on the subject of recovery.
Rebecca and Bea have recently published a book Recovery from Within: a mother and daughter’s journey through Anorexia.

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