In a small tribute to the life and teachings of MLK Jr., Stephanie recalls the profound experience she had while visiting the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis last summer. Many visitors have commented that it’s difficult to put the experience into words. Stephanie concurs. However, she tries to describe what it was like to be physically, mentally, and spiritually transported to the times before and during the civil rights movement. The experience evoked a range of human emotions and a deeper connection with herself and fellow visitors. She left the museum transformed, having experienced a deep truth about the life and times of MLK Jr. A few weeks later while bedridden with COVID, it was this same truth of our divine nature that touched her while reading King’s books Strength to Love and A Call to Conscience. If you haven’t read these yet, Stephanie highly recommends that you do! Tune in to hear her story of how this American hero touched her life 55 years after his death.

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