In this weeks episode of the Find Your SPARK podcast, Brooke and Nicole talk about a profound post they came across that reminded them both, when coming from a place of love, answers will always arise. They reflect on recent times that they lost sight of this and “got off track” when focusing on all the chaos going on in the world. When we do this, we are trying to find solutions from the world, rather than inside ourselves. That’s when there’s no connection to humanity and life can feel off. Listen as they read this post with you and share their insights they got from it.

Listen as they share, The Difference Between Looking At The World Divided & Looking At The World Inside You!

Below is the Facebook post referenced in this podcast by Dominic Scaffidi:

“In recent months this group “blew up” with arguments and polarization. Just like the rest of the world.

I stepped back and have not been involved much. When I dropped by occasionally, I noticed strong arguments for the “right way to think”; and the “right perspective” that all good people must hold. You are with us or you are against us. You either see it this way and ACT NOW – or you are part of the problem. We must rise up before it is too late!

That seemed strange for a community that is drawn together to explore and share this understanding.

It’s interesting to notice that when things get REAL, it appears that having this understanding doesn’t make much difference. We were unable to be with each other in a way that’s much of an example for others (who do not have this understanding).

I wondered how Syd might guide us. I went back to his old talks to see if he had any guidance. I learned he was a bit of an activist who ultimately changed his ways.

Here are his thoughts. It’s as if he’s speaking to us about today’s world…

“To direct people back inside is the only way, the only way, that we’ll ever have harmony in this world. And this harmony includes pollution, people starving to death, people killing each other, people robbing each other. So on and so forth. Countries fighting. There is no way. There is absolutely no way in the world can peace and harmony come to the world via our conscious minds. There is no government in the world. There is no person in the world smart enough to do it. Because there is no answer. There is no answer from outside.

But if we travel inside and start to realize that all life is a conscious state, and as we get into this divine state, the world will change round about you. As the world starts to change round about you, you go into harmony, have happiness, tranquility, peace, love, understanding. Put them all together and it’s what the Bible calls God. Because God is the purest of love. And only this love can solve the world’s problems, all the world problems, it’s the only way. They can try 10 Million ways outside and all they’ll be doing is carrying on the illusion in another form.

You must raise the level of consciousness of mankind to find this happiness. Jesus Christ tried it. He raised the level of consciousness of people. This is why they healed themselves. Because as he raised their level of consciousness, they became in harmony with the rest of the world and with their inner self. And when this happens, you’re sicknesses vanish. You can pay your debt off to society within a second.

To be hanging on to silly, petty, stupid sicknesses to keep us in our place. When you find how beautiful life is, you don’t need them, you become free.The only freedom that exists in the world is in your inner self via a conscious state because all life, all life is a conscious state. There is nothing outside.

These words don’t make sense to you. They’re not meant to . Because there is no words can explain it. You can only explain it as closely as possible, as simply as possible. The simpler the better. So I try to explain it. But it doesn’t turn out right. Because it’s not the words you’ve got to hear. It’s what’s beyond the word. And this comes as an experience. It comes as a direct experience from hearing. Not listening. Hearing. Which is a totally different thing. Because when you truly hear, you get a new experience. You raise your level of consciousness. The higher your guide is speaking, the better it is for you. The simple reason, if you hear him when he’s speaking high, that’s exactly what you’re gonna do is go high.

If you talk about petty things like politics, things like this. I’ve already told you, you’ll never solve the problem. Not until you go inside, then you change the world. Because the world is inside you. It really is. Everything is inside you right now. All your happiness that you’ve ever wanted. All the joy you ever wanted. All the money you ever wanted. All the health you ever wanted. All the security you ever wanted. It’s all inside you….

…Two year ago, just over two years ago I was so concerned with the world you wouldn’t believe. I was into unions, fighting with the bosses, tons of governments, Vietnam, race discrimination. Every one of them got me so uptight. Those other guys doing all this to those poor people. About the people starving throughout the world. And I was uptight all the time. I was sick from it. This is what made me sick. Because all my worries, all my stress, thinking about the rest of the world. And when I found this little secret, things changed. Because I started to realize there was nothing out there at all. That all the secret and all the happiness lies inside. Now since that time, I am sure, absolutely sure, I have done more in the past year for humanity than I would have done in 10 million years of the old Syd Banks.

And anybody that’s ever heard. Really heard. They too have started to change the world. Because everybody they talk to changes. People are changing very rapidly. Their health has been changing. Mysteriously. So called mysteriously. Their sicknesses have been vanishing. This is how I can answer that. Once again, you can’t solve the problem outside. You must go inside and each individual soul in the universe must find his own utopia. Then when he finds it, then he comes out in full blossom and gives all this love and all this knowledge to change the level of consciousness of the universe. And this is the only way you’ll ever have peace on earth.”
– Sydney Banks, It’s That Simple,
A talk in Courtney, B.C. circa mid 1970’s”

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