In this episode of the Find Your SPARK Podcast, Brooke and Ashley discuss why they feel that youth are the answer to the division in the world today. They share how they have seen others, as well as themselves, get caught up in being “right” and how much of a disservice it is to only see one side of things. They reflect on conversations they have had with youth, and the common factor they have seen is that the youth today are so curious, and we need that curiosity now more than ever. Brooke shares about how this simple idea led her to create the SPARKING Change Internship Program, designed to do just that, foster the curiosity of our youth, and help them to be leaders of change in their own community!

At the end of the podcast, they share ways that YOU can help with this program! If you would like to help The Spark Initiative win grant money that will go to this brand new initiative, Click here! 

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