65: Appreciating What We Know Now As Parents

In this week’s episode of the Find Your SPARK podcast, Ashley and Nicole share what they have noticed about parenting before understanding how the mind works vs. after understanding. They talk about moments of parenting when situations feel really tough but how great it is to understand that they don’t have to sit in that feeling and it will pass eventually.

Ashley also shares about the Online Parenting Program coming up in September. We are offering this course to the public on a sliding scale. Simply pay what you can, between $50 – $295. If that is still out of reach, please email us at info@thesparkinitiative.com for special arrangements. We do not want to turn anyone away. Remember, as a non-profit organization, all profits go directly back into our community and local programming. This course is deserving to all our parents out there, especially during these times, we want to serve you!

Click SPARK Online Parenting Program for more details.

Now Listen as Ashley and Nicole share, Appreciating What We Know Now As Parents!

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