In 2016, I did an intensive year of study and practice to earn my Certified Transformative Coach certificate. It was during this year that I learned some profound truths about humanity, including:

  • We are only ever experiencing the energy of thought.
  • There is a life force sustaining us, and it’s self-evidently obvious to anyone who gets even a little bit curious.
  • No one can hijack your mind and make you feel a certain way; your mind is yours, and it’s free.
  • It’s possible to be simultaneously in turmoil (at a surface level) and OK (at a much deeper level). In other words, there is a part of you that is always OK, no matter what (your Spark).
  • When a critical mass of humanity realizes that feelings are always 100% an inside job, we will stop doing things that hurt ourselves and others. War, injustice, poverty, crime, and a whole host of other societal ills will be relegated to history books.

It was this last insight that propelled me to start creating educational materials to help kids understand the true source of their experience and the immense potential that exists inside each and every one of us. With my vision, the gifted talents of a small group of people, and the generous donations of our supporters, Curious the Dragonfly was born.

Fast-forward to 2023, and I now have the absolute joy of seeing images like these, taken today at a Community Center in the Tampa, FL area where SPARK is implementing our Young Child Mentoring Program, based on the character, Curious. My incredible co-workers and partners are bringing Curious the Dragonfly and his profound lessons to kids around the US and world.  

I’m so deeply grateful for how these events have unfolded, for the opportunity to learn about my mind and true self, for the faith that so many have had in me throughout the years, and for the opportunity to test the question that occurred to me back in 2016: Can a Dragonfly Change the World?

If you want to learn how Curious might help the kids in your community, get in touch!