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This course is for any and all parents who want to have a better understanding of their children, and themselves. It is NOT “become a perfect parent” course. It will simply show you how the mind works, to help navigate parenting with greater ease, possibly even less stress!

Why a parenting course?

If you’ve listened to any of our podcasts or heard us speak, chances are you’ve heard about our kids and our experience as parents. You may have heard us describe our wonder at discovering their innate resilience in the face of trauma, our joy in knowing they are okay no matter what, and our pride in watching them navigate life’s challenges. All of these things happened not because we are perfect parents – trust us, we are far from it! We have long given upon on the “perfect parent” aspiration so don’t expect that from this course! What you can expect is a heart-felt sharing of knowledge and experience that has been a real game-changer for us and so many others. What we have learned and now share with hundreds of at-risk kids and adults has allowed us to be more patient, loving, fun, and creative parents who are more grateful during the highs and more graceful during the lows. We want you to have this knowledge, too. We want you to know on a deep level that no matter what, you are okay, and so are your kids.

What can I expect in terms of content?

This course will explore simple yet profound principles of the human mind and resilience. Through very relatable parenting examples and anecdotes, we will explore how state of mind impacts our access to mental resources, clarity, confidence, and capacity as parents. We will gain an understanding of what is going on when we feel disconnected from our kids and are feeling overwhelmed. We will explore what is happening when our children appear unruly and frustrating. Finally, through an exploration of resilience, we hope to bring new thought and hope to the all too common experiences of trauma, anxiety, depression, divorce/separation, self-image and destructive behavior.

How will it work?

Once you register for the course, you will immediately get access to the welcome module and our community forum where you can introduce yourself, share your expectations, and get to know the fellow parents who will be accompanying you on this journey.

Each week a new section of the course will open for you to virtually experience at your own pace. Modules include videos, podcasts, and opportunities to share your questions and reflections in the forum. The amount of time you dedicate to this portion each week is up to you but we would anticipate 1-2 hours to be a good estimate.

After the six weeks is over, you will have lifetime access to all course components.

What about my kid(s)? Do you have anything for them?

Yes! As a bonus for signing up for the Parent Course, we will give you complementary access to our SPARK Youth course ($99 value), which will teach the same concepts with content appropriate for kids of all age groups ages ( parent assistance may be required for younger ages, also bonus videos in some module are appropriate for Preteen-Teen ages). During the course of the six-weeks, there are “connection points” where we provide suggested activities/conversations that you can have with your child to enhance and amplify your learning experience together


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