Here at the SPARK Initiative, a lot of our time and energy is spent in classrooms, helping kids of all ages learn about their SPARK. It’s rewarding work that we adore, but our impact as a team of only 4 – no matter how dedicated we are — has its limits.

A few times a year, we make teaching teachers a priority through our SPARK training programs. Not only is it a way to support the professional growth of our colleagues, but it’s a great way to extend the reach of the positive change we’re always working to achieve.

Put simply, we love training educators because we know the incredible ripple effect they have. Plus, we have a lot of fun doing it!

It warms our hearts to see a group of fellow teachers and educators gathered together in one space, and to hang out with them as they learn to be awesome facilitators of the SPARK Curricula.

Here are a few photos and words that capture the incredible experience we had last year running our SPARK training program in London:

This program is the best on every single level… [It] has had so much thought and effort put into it, the lesson plans, activities tools needed, children’s workbooks, all shine with the work that was put into developing them.


The ongoing support is simply superb, all of the SPARK team are so helpful and encouraging, personal mentoring sessions give an opportunity for an even deeper understanding of the program.


One thing that I personally admire about the team and program, is the high standards the program holds and works with you to ensure is attained. The further option for trainer training is amazing and the team have worked so hard to ensure the training is available in the UK as well as the US.


If anyone is looking to work with children in schools I would recommend this program in a heartbeat. Having taken this program into schools I can say they love it and are also amazed at the level of thought that has been put into this.


— Julie

We love working with educators and watching them leave our group trainings full of excitement and confidence to share the SPARK Curricula with their students.

Here are just two (of many) examples:

We’ll be hosting our next live 2-Day SPARK Certification Training from May 19th to the 20th in London, UK. If you’re an educator and you want to enhance your impact, and make an even bigger ripple than you already do, we’d love to have you join us!
Brooke Wheeldon-Reece